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Coalinga Hills
 "Coalinga Hills" at Cape Town, South Africa.
( Photo Copyright A. Duncan )
 "Coalinga Hills", fitted with platform deck for carriage of containers.

History :
Built by The Marinship Co., Sausalito, California.
Yardnr. 61. USMC nr. 1837. Official nr. 246810.
Keel laid 23-08-1944. Launched 14-10-1944. Completed 13-11-1944. Gr. 10573 t., Net. 6387 t., Dw. 16460 t. L.o.a. 159,57 m., Br. 20,78 m., Dr. 9,21 m. Engine: 2 steam turbines, manufactured by Eliott & Company, Jeanette, Pennsylvania. 7240 B.h.p., 5401 kW. Speed 15 knots. 26 Tanks.
COALINGA HILLS-1944 completed for United States War Shipping Administration, San Francisco, California, USA.
COALINGA HILLS-1948 for Sword Line Inc., New York, USA.
COALINGA HILLS-1962 for Liquid Cargo Carriers Inc., New York, USA.
Additional Reports:
Reported Coalinga Hills converted for the carriage of containers.
Reported Coalinga Hills stranded near Tanegashima 23 Jan.1963 and heavy damaged, whilst on voyage from Iran to Kudamatsu.
Reported Coalinga Hills refloated and sold to shipbreakers in Hong Kong. Arrived Hong Kong 7 Mar. 1963 to be broken up. [ By Chiap Hua Manufactory Company (1947) Ltd. ]

S.S. Coalinga Hills, Tanker, hull # 61, keel laid 6/23/44, launched Oct 14, 1944 Sponsor: Mrs. Roger F. Suffron (Marcia Patterson); matron of honor, Mrs. Steiner A. Larsen. In private operation in October, 1960. Scrapped Hong Kong, China 3/63.