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Inglewood Hills
Sistership: Woensdrecht ex. Coyote Hills
 "Inglewood Hills".
SS "Inglewood Hills", named after a Californian, oilfield, is powered by 8250-Hp turbo-electric drive and is
one of Marinship's 523-foot tankers.
( Photo Copyright Marin Ship )
"Inglewood Hills" launching party.
(L to r; Chaplain M.D. Merchont Col.. USA. who offered invocation; Don S. Lind; Mrs. Lind, sponsor;
Miss Lucille Hannell, moid of honor; Mariner corps bugler; and Chos. H. ?. Emcee and asst. prod. mgr. at Marinship.
 "Wieldrecht" ex. "Inglewood Hills" source, location and date unknown.
"Wieldrecht" ex. "Inglewood Hills".
"Wieldrecht" ex. "Inglewood Hills" source, location and date unknown.
"Wieldrecht" ex. "Inglewood Hills" source, location and date unknown.
 "Wieldrecht" ex. "Inglewood Hills" location and date unknown.
(Photo Monteny, G.)
"Wieldrecht" ex. "Inglewood Hills", photo taken on Brisbane River Brisbane Queensland, late 1940s.
( Photo copyright Basil Harris, MPBH Sydney )
"Wieldrecht" ex. "Inglewood Hills" source, location and date unknown.
"Wieldrecht" ex. "Inglewood Hills".
( Photo Collection: Edward O. Clark )
( Source: Steamship Historical Society of America )

History :
Built by The Marinship Co., Sausalito, California.
Yardnr. 63. USMC nr. 1839. Official nr. 246969.
Keel laid 25-09-1944. Launched 11-11-1944. Completed 30-11-1944. Gr. 10441 t., Net. 6249 t., Dw. 16460 t. L.o.a. 159,57 m., Br. 20,78 m., Dr. 9,21 m. Engine: 2 steam turbines, manufactured by Eliott & Company, Jeanette, Pennsylvania. 7240 B.h.p., 5401 kW. Speed 15 knots. 26 Tanks.
INGLEWOOD HILLS-1944 completedfor United States War Shipping Administration, San Francisco, California, USA.
WIELDRECHT-1948 for N.V. Phs. Van Ommeren, Rotterdam, Netherlands.
WIELDRECHT-1953 for N.V. Maatschappij m.s. Wieldrecht, Rotterdam, Netherlands.
Additional Reports:
Reported Wieldrecht sold to shipbreakers in Italy. Arrived 2 Jun. 1962 to be broken up. Work began 10 jun 1962. [ By Fratelli Cosulich ]

S.S. Inglewood Hills, Tanker, hull # 63, keel laid 9/25/44, launched Nov 11, 1944 Sponsor: Mrs. Don S. Lind; maid of honor, Lucille Hannell. Delivered to the U. S. Navy on November 30, 1944. In private operation under Netherlands flag and renamed "Wieldrecht" in October, 1960. Scrapped Trieste, Italy 10/63.