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Chesapeake Capes
Launching, Hull 429, "Chesapeake Capes"
All photos thanks to Graig Hall
"Chesapeake Capes", just before her launch.
Christening the "Chesapeake Capes", by Sponsor Mrs. Sarah Anne Hall.
Down the slipway.
First time in the water.
Graig Hall wrote to me ;
This photo shows what I assume are the "dignitaries". Dad thought the man to Sarah's right was his grandfather,
but I believe that is Sun Shipping president Mr. Pew, so Great Granddad must be to Sarah's left. The two men
directly behind him are his sons, Milton and Earl. Both without hats. The man in the center without a hat may be a
third son Walter, but Dad is unsure since Walter died in his 40's. Not sure of Milton's affiliation with Sun Shipping,
but Earl was an iron worker. Missing is my actual grandfather Clarence who worked for Sunoco Oil
and may have been the photographer.
All photos thanks to Graig Hall