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O.B. Jennings - (1917-1918)
The New York Times, Aug 6, 1918, Tuesday

The O.B. Jennings Sent Down by Torpedo Off the Virginia Coast.

WASHINGTON, Aug. 5.-German submarines are now operating at two widely separated points along the Atlantic seaboard-one In the Important sea lane off the Virginia coast and the other In Canadian waters.
The presence of another raider In the middle Atlantic, where in May and June more than twenty vessels were sunk, became known today when the Navy Department announced the sinking of the O.B. Jennlngs, an American tanker, Sunday, and the landing of thirty to thirty-two members of the crew at Norfolk by an American patrol boat. A second boat, with the Captain and thirteen men, reached the same port late today. Details of the sinking of the Jennlngs are lacking tonight, but from the fact that the steamer sent a wireless message saying that she was being shelled and asking for assistance, officials assumed that the submarine opened fire without giving the crew, time to take to the boata. Patrol boats answered the radio calls, but neither the Jennlngs nor the submarine was in sight when they arrived Sunday nignt at the position given by the steamer.
Later survivors were found.
Steps to deal with this latest raider have been taken by the Navy Department, and patrol boats and seaplanes are already searching the caost waters. Officials reiterated that the movement of troops to France would not be interfered with.