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Tankers (1940-1949)
Esso Genesee - (1945-1961)
Build as "Empire Harbour" in 1942 by Grangemouth Dry Dock Co., Grangemouth.
Sold to Anglo American Oil Co., in 1945 and renamed "Esso Genesee".
15.4.1961 : Arrived Boom, Belgium for breaking up.
 "Esso Genesee", ex. "Empire Harbour".
( Photo collection Morten Bjørndalen )
"Esso Genesee".
"Esso Genesee".
"Esso Genesee".
( Photo thanks to Humber Maritime )
"Esso Genesee", at Hull, UK.

Registered in Grangemouth
Esso Petroleum Co.
Gt 797
Lt 203.25 ft Bd 30.75 Dp 13.1
Built by Grangemouth Dry Dock Co., Grangemouth 1943, Coastal Tanker. MOWT
1946 ESSO GENESEE, Anglo-American Oil Co
1951 Esso Petroleum Co.
1961 Scrapped Tamise, Belgium.