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Esso Glasgow (1947-1971)
Rebuilt of the "Esso Glasgow"
Very unusual that a new ship section was given a new build ship number 1569.

(Sadly a poor quality photo)

T2 tanker Esso Glasgow was built December 1944 by Sun Shipbuilding Company, Chester, Pennsylvania, as Wauhatchie (Ship Number 1785). for Socony Vacuum. she was renamed sold in 1947 to Esso UK.

In 1956 it was decided that her tanks and mídships should be renewed to equip her for her new role in life and she arrived at the Belfast shipyard of Harland and Wolff Ltd., on 14th February 1957. Her new centre section (of the same length as the original which was laid down in December 1956) was launched at Belfast on 14th March 1957 and fitted in April. Her old centre section was sold to Shipbreaking lndustriæ at Faslane and towed there from Belfast, arriving there on 8th March 1957.

She owed her longevity to her conversion for coastwise operations in 1957.

On 3rd January 1967 Esso Glasgow suffered explosions by a fire while at Fawley and was repaired at Rotterdam.

Her long and eventful career ended in 1971 when she was sold for scrap to Spanish shipbreakers at Bilbao.

Ship number:    1569
Vessel Type:    Oil Tanker
Built:    Belfast
Yard:    Musgrave Yard
Ship number:    14
Launch:       Date March 14, 1957
Launched By:       Mr Poole
Delivered:       August 17, 1957
Owner:       Esso Petroleum Co.
Weight:       10720 grt
BP Length:       505 Ibet
Breadth:       68 feet
No. of Screws:       Single
Speed (Approx):       15 knots
Propulsion:       Tu.rbo-electric, 7,500 HP
Officinal No.: