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Dutch Esso Tankers - Album
Esso Den Haag (1) - (1946-1959)
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Profile drawing "Esso den Haag (1)", by Drawing © 2003 C.E.A. (Stan) van Boeckel (1924-2009)
 De Petroleum-Industrie Maatschappij ( Esso ) bracht drie T2-tankers in de vaart,
waaronder de "Esso Den Haag", gebouwd als "Hobkirk's Hill". (1944, 10.667 brt).
Launched at 26 July 1944. Built in 119 days, 11 hours and 30 minutes.
Contract delivery extended from 06-29-1944 to 08-12-1944, approved by Commission 09-14-1944
( because of the delayed deliveries of required materials and equipment ).
Contract Price : $2.950.000,00, Final Price: $2.656.206,00, savings : -9.96%.
Sponsor, at the launch, Mrs.E.May McConechy.

 Voyages made by the "Hobkirk's Hill", during WW2
HOBKIRK'S HILL, American ( T2-tanker ), built 1944, 10,296 GRT.
24 September 1944, New York to Paulus Hook, Philadephia, USA
28 September 1944, New York to Glasgow, Clyde, UK
6 November 1944, New York to Avonmouth, UK

1946: ESSO DEN HAAG (1).
1959: FRIXOS.
03.1960: Converted to a bulk carrier by Netherlands Dock & SB Co, Amsterdam. New midship section fitted (measurements: 586 ft 3 in oa x 75 ft 3 in, 15,020 grt,23,120 tdw).
1971: SHELLEY.
12.1976: Scrapped at Kaohsiung.

 De maritieme kunstenaar Ronald van Rikxoort, heeft een schitterende aquarel geschilderd van de "ESSO DEN HAAG"..
"Esso den Haag (1)".
TS Esso Den Haag, bouwjaar: 1944, tonnage: 10.667, werf: Sun Ship Building eigenaar:
Petroleum Industrie Mij. (Esso Den Haag)
"Esso den Haag (1)".
 "Esso den Haag (1)", just arrived from the USA, partly in War grey.
Photo thanks to Roel Zwama.
 "Esso Den Haag (1)", ex. "Hobkirk's Hill".
"Esso den Haag (1)".
"Esso den Haag (1)".
"Esso den Haag (1)".
"Esso den Haag (1)".
"Esso den Haag (1)", in drydock of Wilton & Feijenoord, Schiedam.
"Esso den Haag (1)".
"Frixos", ex. "Esso den Haag (1)" ex. "Hobkirk's Hill (2)"
( Photo Copyright Walter E. Frost )
"Shelly", ex. Frixos", ex. Esso den Haag (1)", in 1970 when acquired by Taiwanese-owned Outerocean Nav.,
Corp., Ltd. Photo taken when she was at anchor in Port of Seattle waters in October 1975.
"Shelly", ex. "Frixos", ex. "Esso den Haag (1)" ex. "Hobkirk's Hill (2)".
( Photo Copyright Marc Piche )

Yardnumber 418. UMSC No..1751. Official nr. 246299,
Keel laid 15-04-1944. Launched 26-07-1944. Completed 12-08-1944.
Gr. 10297 t., Net. 6236 t., Dw. 16613 t.
L.o.a. 159,57 m., Br. 20,78 m., Dr. 9,31 m.
Engine: 2 steam turbines, manufactured by Westinghouse Electric & Manufacturing
Company, Pittsburgh. 7240 B.h.p., 5401 kW. Speed 15 knots. 26 Tanks.
HOBKIRKfS HILL-1944 completed for United States War Shipping Administration, Philadelphia, USA.
ESSO DEN HAAG-1946 for Petroleum Industrie Mij., NV , 's Gravenhage, Netherlands.
ESSO DEN HAAG-1958 for Esso Tankvaart Maatschappij, 's Gravenhage, Netherlands.
FRIXOS-1959 for Sealanes Shipping Company, Piraeus, Greece.
FRIXOS-1965 for Sealanes Shipping Company, Monrovia, Liberia.
SHELLEY-1976 for Outerocean Nav., Corp Ltd., Kaohsiung, Taiwan.
Additional Reports:
Reported Frixos lengthened, widened and converted into bulk carrier in 1960 by replacement of
cargo section with new midbody built by Nederlandsche Dok en Scheepsbouw Maatschappij,
Amsterdam, Netherlands. Delivered Mar. 1960.
New Dimensions 178.7 / 172.6 x 22.9 m, 15020 grt / 24246 dwt.
Reported Shelley sold to shipbreakers in Taiwan. Arrived Kaohsiung 2 Dec. 1976 to be broken up.